Questions from Campers

What if I am nervous about Camp?

If it is your first time away from home, you are normal if the thought of spending the night away from home makes you nervous. Most kids feel pretty good by dinner time (or maybe even lunch) their first night. Talk to the kids you're going through treatment with, and chances are they'll tell you that they were nervous too, but that now Camp is their favorite week of the year. 

Having cancer is weird enough as it is, Won't going to a "cancer camp" just be weirder?

You'd think so wouldn't you? But because every kid there - and a bunch of the counselors too - have been through exactly the same thing, cancer becomes a non-issue. You're no longer different. You are just you, and that's exactly how we like you!  

My parents don't let me do anything anymore. Is Camp as boring as home?

Never! We got your back! You will swim paddle board, soar through the trees on the ropes course, ride horses, dance, and eat a ridiculous amount of bacon that Mom or Dad never needs to know about.  

Questions from Parents

With medical bills and such, we're strapped pretty tight. How much does Camp cost?

Camp is provided completely free of charge to all children 7-17 who have or have ever had cancer and their siblings. This includes transportation to all Camp events for families in Louisiana, Florida, and Mississippi.

For specific pick-up and drop-off location, please contact the Camp office at 251-476-9880.

I'm a little scared about letting my child go away for a whole week. What can you say to convince me this is a good idea?

Talk to the medical staff where your child gets treated. Talk to the parents of other campers when you meet them during treatment or at Family Day. Talk to the kids themselves. They will all tell you that Camp has become a valuable tool in the physical and mental healing processes. You might be scared now, but at the end of the week, you'll be Camp's biggest fan too!  

What if my child needs treatment while at Camp?

Our medical staff is comprised of a medical director who is a long-time camp volunteer and a Nurse Practitioner who works in Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, a physician who is present for 24 hours a day the entire week, and several nurses and nurse practitioners who work specifically in the world of oncology. These professionals meet and discuss/review every campers medical information, provided by you the parent/guardian, before you even arrive and will even call your child's treatment team if they have any questions. If an issues arises that requires further treatment, we're only 15 minutes from our local children's hospital with a volunteer always on standby to transport to and from. 

Will Camp change my child?

We hope so. Most parents tell us that they didn't get their patient back at the end of the week, but got their child back!  

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